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Parent Testimonials 2024 Season

From the end of year survey:

"The club is better than ever and both my boys have seen tremendous growth thanks to the coaching staff.  We're all proud to be Warriors."

"So many schools represented on each team = new friends!"

"I have appreciated so many things this season. The best memory is watching practice with some turnaround shots and then that weekend after my son using what he learned in practice two or three times successfully scoring goals off of what he had just learned from practice that week. Now, that is some fantastic coaching!"

"My son's  confidence and game knowledge have increased. He is motivated to practice independently and loves showing me new ball tricks, talking game strategy, and playing catch."

"Our daughter has never played lacrosse prior to this season. We do not have any other lacrosse experience in our family. After the lacrosse clinic she became interested in playing.  The growth she made this season was incredible. The environment that was created by coaches was motivating and engaging. She has a lot more learning to do and we look forward to seeing her continue to learn and improve."

"Fabulous communication and I felt like everything was super organized, and the schedule was out far in advance, which is much appreciated with three kids doing all sorts of activities and I loved it that the schedule did not have many last minute changes."

"I tell everyone who will listen about how supportive the kids, coaches and parents are in this club. There are no egos like some of the other sports we've tried."

Parent Testimonials 2023 Season

For your family, what was the best aspect of the Warriors season?

"The pursuit of personal and team goals in an atmosphere of hard work, dedication, and perseverance. This helped to define for our son what it is to be an athlete/teammate and what it means to participate in those roles in a meaningful way." 

"My son is playing at such a higher level of soccer this year because of the transferable skills from Lacrosse.  Last year playing for the Warriors brought an unexpected toughness, field awareness and intensity.   It is now showing on the field in soccer as he is having his best year yet, including scoring the winning goal for 2011 Breakers team to win the tournament."

"Our kids have tried numerous youth sports, but once we discovered Lacrosse we were all hooked.  The only downside is when they play other sports it just isn't as exciting to watch as Lacrosse.   The game is fast paced, thrilling and the only sport where most of the team shows up 30-45 minutes early so they can practice before practice."

"I feel like our family found our tribe! We felt so welcomed into the Warrior LAX club from the start. We ask A LOT of questions, and Sabin never seemed to tire answering them all. As a family, we found a new sport, hobby, and passion as LAX tutorials and highlights have become all the background noise in the house."

"Great coaching, kids gaining confidence, fun game days.  One of my favorite parts of this experience were the post-game write ups. We looked forward to them and read them together. "

"Passion for competition and winning is noble. We really appreciate how invested coaches are both in volunteering their time and energy to the team."

"We wish we found Lacrosse sooner as our older son joined his Highschool team last year and having prior experience would have set him ahead of the curve."

"The coaches made all the difference for the boys.  They were the perfect mixture of firm, constructive, positive and encouraging. Just what these boys needed at this age. We are so grateful we had them as our coaches."